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Welcome to Big Charlie's Lodge!

Big Charlie's Lodge is located in the bonefish mecca of Andros Island, Bahamas. Their brand new, comfortably appointed lodge is located in Cargill Creek, which is situated in the Northern Bight. This area is well known for having some of the top bone fishing flats in the Bahamas. Big Bonefish = Big Smiles.
A good day of fishing
This strategic location means that we're very close to the bonefishing flats of Andros' North Bight. This means a much shorter run to and from the flats and more time spent fishing, which we think you'll agree is a good thing.

For the serious angler, Charlie and his hand-picked local guides are as good as it gets, all hardworking and knowledgable. They're also able to work with all ranges of angling ability and work as a team to provide customized fishing adventures.

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Charlie, Fatiha & Family
Charlie, Fatiha & Adam

Charlie's wife, Fatiha comes from Morocco and has a degree in Hotel Hospitality. With her international education and training in tourism in Europe and Morocco, she is the perfect hostess for the international clientel drawn to Andros shores. Fatiha has also added a few languages to her native Arabic and can converse in English, French, Spanish, and German. Her knowledge in managing guest services and hotel management includes fine foods and wine. More…

"Big" Charlie Neymour: Head Guide & Host

"Big" Charlie Neymour
"Big" Charlie Neymour

Charlie Neymour was practically born on the flats of Behring Point, Andros, which are known worldwide for the sport of bonefishing. Charlie has lived in Florida to gain professional experience in the art of fly fishing and training as an expert guide. Having worked for other lodges and as an independant, in 2006 he and his lovely and gracious hostess, Fatiha Neymour, took over the then newly renovated Nottages Cottages and ran a first class operation for many years. Today he runs his own brand new sportfishing lodge, nestled in an out of the way corner of the North Bight of Andros Island. Along with his lovely wife, More…

Andros Fly Fishing Adventures

World Class Bonefishing adventures, and more!

Big Charlie's Lodge has lots to offer the discerning angler looking for a trip of a life-time:

  1. FLY FISHING for Bonefish, Tarpon & Permit in the North Bight of Andros, Bahamas.
  2. SPIN FISH on the flats, or bring home dinner with Tuna, Maha-Mahi, or Grouper on the Reefs.
  3. HUNTING or CAMPING on the wild West Coast of Andros.