Charlie Neymour and a Happy Client

"Big Charlie" Neymour: Head Guide & Host

Charlie Neymour (pictured on the right) was practically born on the flats of Behring Point, Andros, which are known worldwide for the sport of bonefishing. Charlie has lived in Florida to gain professional experience in the art of fly fishing and training as an expert guide. Today he runs his own brand new bonefishing and sportfishing lodge, nestled in an out of the way corner of the North Bight of Andros Island. Along with his lovely wife and hostess, Fatiha Neymour, he has designed the ideal lodge to cater directly to those anglers who want world-class fishing in comfortable surroundings.

Charlie's career started at the age of 13 when he caught blue crabs as bait for older guides (all legends of the sport) like Ruddy, Ivon, Erold, William, Carl Cockley, to name a few. Inspired by the sport he began exploring the bights of Andros on his own and continued to stay involved in the sport professionally. With an eye to the future, Charlie saw that the still fledgling sportfishing industry in the Bahamas was going to grow but that in order to reach its full potential it would have to compete with other destinations the world over. Bearing this in mind Charlie moved to Florida (which sets the industry standard for guides) and gained professional experience in the art of fly fishing and training as an expert guide. This fresh, international approach has led him to many places in the world, but eventually he returned to his homeland of the Bahamas where he has lectured and held fly fishing workshops.

Nowadays Charlie can be found settled down in his own backyard, the North Bight, where his mixture of native experience and international exposure has made him one of the most sought after and well known guides in the Bahamas. He is simply known to his many friends and collegues as "Big Charlie".

those who know us, love us!

Big Charlie & Fatiha's Lodge is located in the bonefish mecca of Andros Island, Bahamas. Out of the way for tourists, but not for serious in-the-know fly fisherman, the flats and cays in the north bight were bonefishing's best kept secret! Here's where Charlie and Fatiha have chosen to create one of Andros best bonefishing lodges catering to serious anglers. They host cosmopolitan guests from around the world who come not only to fish, but relax and enjoy the beauty of Andros and its' rich fishing culture.

Your Hosts: Charlie & Fatiha
Charlie & Fatiha, Your Hosts.

Located on Cargill Creek, this unique bone fishing lodge is strategically located close to the bonefishing flats of Andros' North Bight. This means a much shorter run to and from the flats and more time spent fishing... which we think you'll agree is a good thing.

Fatiha Neymour: Your Hostess

Charlie's wife, Fatiha Neymour, comes from Morocco and has a degree in Hotel Hospitality. With her international education and training in tourism in Europe she can converse in English, French, Spanish, and German.Fatiha Neymour serves up local Lobster dinner
Fatiha's Amazing Lobster Dinner.
She has a broad experience in working at a variety of international hotels before coming to the Bahamas and is the founder and developer of the Big Charlie's Lodge brand. Her knowledge in guest services and hotel management includes fine foods and wine and under her watchful eye the kitchen prepares a variety of delicious meals from local and internation cuisine.

Joined by their new son, Adam, Fatiha also acts as liason for guests regarding transportation to and from the airport and confirmation of local flights. Having an intimate knowledge of Andros culture helps her run a smooth operation from touch-down to take-off for every guest. She and Adam also handles any special needs guests might have - food alergies, etc. - and they add a very personal touch that makes the lodge feel like home.

Andros North Bight Bonefishing Flats

World Class Bonefishing adventures, and more!

Big Charlie's Lodge has lots to offer the discerning angler looking for a trip of a life-time:

  1. FLY FISHING for Bonefish, Tarpon & Permit in the North Bight of Andros, Bahamas.
  2. SPIN FISH on the flats, or bring home dinner with Tuna, Maha-Mahi, or Grouper on the Reefs.
  3. HUNTING or CAMPING on the wild West Coast of Andros.